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  • Truth or Consequences -

    Truth or Consequences is an American television show originally hosted on NBC radio by Ralph Edwards (1940–1957) and later on television by Edwards (1950–1954), Jack Bailey (1954–1955), Bob Barker (1956–1975), Bob Hilton (1977–1978) and Larry Anderson (1987–1988). The television show ran on CBS, NBC and also in syndication. The premise of the show was to [...]

  • Radio production company launches ‘audio drama equivalent of the fringe’ -

    A radio production company is launching the “audio drama equivalent of the fringe”, in a bid to widen the market beyond the BBC’s output. Art and Adventure, working with London radio station Resonance FM, is looking for writers and performers with stage productions for a single voice – known as a monodrama – which can [...]

  • A Look Inside The Shadow: Death Of Margo Lane -

    Matt Wagner returns to the Shadow this June in a story called Death of Margo Lane. The character of Lane is a bit like Harley Quinn in that she was created for the Shadow radio drama in 1937 before making her print debut in The Thunder King in 1941 in The Shadow Magazine. It was common [...]

  • Judy Canova -

    Judy Canova (November 20, 1913 – August 5, 1983) (another source gives her birth date as November 20, 1916),[1] born Juliette Canova,[2] (some sources indicate Julietta Canova), was an American comedian, actress, singer, and radio personality.[3] She appeared on Broadway and in films. She hosted her own self-titled network radio program, a popular series broadcast [...]

  • My_First_Summer_in_the_Sierra_1005 Free Audiobook My First Summer in the Sierra -

    The journal of nature-lover John Muir who spent the summer of 1869 walking California's Sierra Nevada range. From French Bar to Mono Lake and the Yosemite Valley, Muir was awestruck by everything he saw. The antics of the smallest "insect people" amazed him as much as stunted thousand-year old Juniper trees growing with inconceivable tenacity [...]

  • Father Knows Best Father Knows Best is the Winner by 1 Vote!! -

            Father Knows Best was a popular American radio and television sitcom that began...

  • My Friend Irma Download My Friend Irma -

    Grab 11 Hilarious episodes of My Friend Irma, or as her boyfriend Al...

  • Villages Swing Band takes sentimental journey with show recreating old time radio -

    The Villages Swing Band took a sentimental journey Monday from Old Gold to Rheingold — and it was a lot more fun than cigarettes and beer. The Swing Band, under the direction of Jean Butler, made long gone radio days come alive with music and memories in the Savannah Center. The production was called the [...]

  • Neil Gaiman Has Confirmed That A ‘Good Omens’ Mini-Series Is In The Works! -

      Be still my beating heart! The smash cult classic ‘Good Omens‘ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman is being made into a televised mini-series! Gaiman was recently interviewed by Charlie Russell who is putting together a new documentary on Terry Pratchett and during that interview we found out that a ‘Good Omens’ mini-series is being [...]

  • The hard-hitting soap for a country at war -

    A sorrowful woman's voice begins to sing - and even if you don't speak a word of Arabic you can guess that the radio soap opera Sad Northern Nights is going to dig much deeper than the usual kitchen-sink drama. "She's lamenting her lost homeland," Sami, Radio Alwan's special projects director smiles ruefully. "She's singing, [...]



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